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Happy Birthday Dan!

by Greg Robertson on September 9th, 2015


Please join me in wishing Mr. Dan Woolley a happy birthday. He’s my business partner, friend and straight man. I really don’t know how he does it all! : )

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  1. Happy birthday, Dan!

  2. Great day for a great guy! Happy Birthday, Dan.

  3. Niki Moran permalink

    Happy birthday, Dan! Great to work with you!

  4. So Greg, you said you don’t know how he gets it all done… I would say it is the pitchfork you have resting on his back 😉

    Seriously Dan… Happy B’day !!!!

  5. Dan — Happy Bday to a fellow Virgo! Rock on and best wishes for more success at W&R and life in general!

  6. Hey Dan – Happiest of new year’s to you! May your new year be filled with adventure and tons of fun…happy, happy birthday…

  7. Happy Birthday, Dan… You are one of the best!

  8. Dave Howe permalink

    Happy Birthday Big Guy!

  9. Charles El-Moussa permalink

    Happy Birthday Dan. Cheers to a great year!

  10. Justin LaJoie permalink

    Happy Birthday! Let’s go catch a hockey game or two this season.

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