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Will Xome be rebranded?

Nice detective work from Ben Lane of HousingWire.com. In his article “Is Nationstar about to completely rebrand itself?” he finds this little tidbit on Nationstar’s job board.

“The look into Nationstar’s plans is actually found on a job posting on the company’s job board. The job? Content writer. And the posting provides a glimpse into Nationstar’s future.

Not exactly the traditional place to disclose company-shaping plans, right? But there it is, in black and white.

According the job posting, the successful candidate will join Nationstar’s marketing team and be a “key player in the company’s transformation from a large but little-known mortgage servicer to a highly visible full lifecycle real estate brand.”

But that’s not all. Nationstar apparently intends to transform itself into the mortgage industry’s first “go to” brand and potentially completely rebrand the entire company and all of its brands.”

Rebranding a stupid name is the least of Nationstar’s problems. It’s been a bumpy ride in 2015. The stock has tanked. The launch of XOME has been less than spectacular, to say the least, as MLS providers raised many questions on XOME’s use of IDX data. It appears that former wrecking ball CEO, Kal Raman, did so much damage he “resigned” after serving only a year.

As many of you know Nationstar bought Real Estate Digital (RED) back in late 2014. A lot of good people over there and they deserve better leadership. Let’s hope 2016 fares better for everyone involved.

  1. I looked at their home page and see “Everything you need to buy and sell a home – under one roof.”

    Those who know the industry (like those who read this blog) know that’s such a broad value prop, it’s not even funny. What does it even mean?

    Brand is not their problem. Differentiation/value is.

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  3. We just signed up as a local referral broker with the xome program. It has taken over 45 days and we still do not have access to our agent panel or their tool set. It doesn’t seem like they have the program all together yet to be a viable solution to offer. We are wondering what the consumer experience must be like so far.

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