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CurbCall gets acquired

by Greg Robertson on January 25th, 2016

REAL ESTATE TECH FIRM CURBCALL ACQUIREDCurbCall Refocuses to Revolutionize Real Estate Lead Routing

Stephanie Sullivan, a long-time serial entrepreneur in the mobile high tech and real estate space, acquired CurbCall from founder and CEO Seth Siegler. With Sullivan serving as co-founder and CEO and Siegler remaining on as co-founder and CTO, the company is expanding product capabilities to be able to offer real estate brokerages and agents a real-time lead routing system that is significantly faster and less costly than the leading offerings.

“As former head of my own real estate brokerage, I am intimately aware of the problems with the way real estate leads are currently routed,” said Sullivan. “Leads are often delivered hours or even a whole day after they come in, with little to no vetting despite claims to the contrary, and providers charge a high cost per lead or even a percentage of the transaction. Inspired by the Uber model, I saw that we could use technology to connect buyers and agents instantly.”

I’ve always been intrigued by CurbCall. It will be interesting if this new team will help increase traction with larger brokerages.

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  1. Samuel Jacobs permalink

    10minRealty has much better functionality and coverage.

  2. Great job! I am sure this will be a great acquisition. Seth and his team are winners!

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