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by Greg Robertson on February 1st, 2016

I was asked to participate in an “Oxford Style Debate” at Inman Connect NYC this year by David Charron and Denee Evans (CEO of CMLS). The topic was “Resolved: The MLS Limits Progress”. Rob Hahn and I were to be on the side that said this statement was true (I guess they couldn’t find any other suckers). While Chris Carrillo and Celeste Starchild took the opposite position.

I was to start off the debate first, with a 5 minute opening statement. Inspired by the rap battles in the play Hamilton, I decided to make my own rap about the topic.

Also, many thanks to Freddy Sarabia, who was in the audience and took this video. I have also included the lyrics at the bottom. Super fun time, and everyone was a good sport.


So, Allow me to introduce myself….

I’m the publisher of your favorite blog
I really like it when you read along
I re-invented the C-M-A
So, I’m here to drop some knowledge with you today.

They call me the Grand Master G
And today I’m repping the N-Y-C
don’t forget the notorious R-O-B
because he’s going make you go O-M-G

We here to talk about the M-L-S
The one that created
all this mess.

Your technology is all so whack
Theres too many of you,
you need to cut back.

Your policies give your brokers a heart attack
and talk on the street is you might get sacked.

Your PARAGON makes me yawn
The MATRIX renders slowly
and the FLEX MLS seems the opposite to me.

And before you start blaming
the vendors I’ve been naming
Remember its you that signs their checks, breeze.

Maybe if you quit nickel and dimen
You’re vendors would begin shinning
and putting out some great I-P.

And don’t blame your brokers
Its just like a good game of poker
You got to play the cards you see

And what about the C-M-L-S?
They throw a great party
but what the heck?
We all want to know
what comes next?

Please do something. Please

So Mr. Carrillo
when you sit on your pillow,
and worry about Zillow
remember your members need someone to LEAD.

And you ain’t no STAR–CHILD.
I don’t get the HUB BUB
over the LIST-HUB
Its just all stale data to me.

But maybe in your new position,
you can show the true disposition of a
what strong women leader can achieve.

So, just remember this,
before you think this is all just a dis…

It’s not about cooperation or compensation

but its true innovation that we seek.

And if you don’t no, now you know.

From → Fun, MLS, Tongue In Cheek

  1. You got skillz Greg.

  2. Robbin Crossley permalink

    I am so sorry I missed this

  3. Jim Lawson permalink

    Nice one Greg 🙂

  4. Your a poet and I didn’t even know it! Great work!

  5. G: That shit is so dope! Obviously your next move is to start a beef with some East Coast vendors and start coming out with a line of W&R clothing and headphones. Respect.

  6. Jessie B permalink

    That was awesome Greg.

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