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Cloud MLX is looking soooooo good!

My company, W&R Studios, is getting close to releasing our new MLS front end product, Cloud MLX. It’s looking amazeballs! I don’t want to give away too much but here are a few partial screen shots.

It’s living up to exactly what I expected: Simple, Fast and Beautiful.

We think agents are going to love it.

Cloud MLX search bar

Saved Searches


Agent Page

Cloud MLX can simply be a hub to our existing products Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams. The larger vision, is it can also be used an an alternative front end to your MLS. It’s so fast and simple agents won’t need extensive training.

Our new design team is really hitting it out of the park. I can’t wait to ship it and show everyone.

  1. No. Like Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX is an alternative to something the MLS already does. Our products will never have all the functionality that MLS systems like Matrix have. Our goal is just to make some of the core functionality simpler and more elegant.

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