Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Nationstar (parent company of Xome and Real Estate Digital) is rebranding itself to….

pets_puppet.giThe company who gave us the name, “XOME“, has outdone themselves.

I’m not sure how I missed this. Ben Lane at HousingWire has been doing a bit of sleuthing again and found out that Nationstar mortgage is rebranding itself to, wait for it…”Mr. Cooper“.

The first time I heard the name it reminded me of the website “Dr Koop“, drkoop.com. Remember that?

What’s next, a sock puppet?

  1. If they’re going to go with a 90’s sitcom theme: “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”, they should have at least considered “Full House”. Actually, “Clueless” seems appropriate.

    Lesson: Don’t have branding meetings at the dispensary.

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