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Zillow Agent Video Walkthrough Video Remix!

by Greg Robertson on March 16th, 2016

I was on Zillow today with a colleague and we noticed that a bunch of listings with their new agent generated “walkthrough videos” were at the top of the search results. I was skeptical when I saw this announced because I felt the quality of these videos would vary.

Anyway we started to watch one of them. After about 10 seconds my colleague said, “Doesn’t this seem a bit spooky, like a slasher film? You know the kind when a serial killer cases the house?”

I thought, oh my god she’s totally right! So you can guess what I did next. The Zillow Agent Video Walkthrough REMIX!

Oh, and just wait to you see what happens at the end!!!


(Keep in mind, this is an actual Zillow Walkthrough video, I just added the music)

  1. Love it Greg! When I saw you go into the first bathroom I said to Victor why didn’t he do the Psycho scene where you pull back the curtain! But then you didn’t disappoint! Greg job. Rolling on the floor!!!!

  2. Creepy and crappy at the same time. Perfect for drive-in movie theaters.

  3. @marilyn It was the very first “walkthrough video” I watched. When I saw that the agent pulled away the shower curtain I knew exactly what to do. : )

  4. Nice work, Greg! The video is cool though and a great way to “tour” the homes. Nice work, Zillow as well I reckon.

  5. This does seen a little creepy. I have clients that have refused to have the walk-thru video. Putting their home on the internet for the world to see showing all their valuables? This could lead to a huge lawsuit!

  6. Oh, too funny. Nicely done.

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