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by Greg Robertson on March 28th, 2016

13ef3cdAfter 8 years at Black Knight (formerly LPS) Rich Lull has left the building. I’m not sure the management at Black Knight knows what that means, but I’m pretty certain they will look back at that day as deflection point.

The first deflection point is when Rich walked in to the building. That was some 8 years ago. The previous year they lost about 10 accounts and their Paragon MLS system was widely regulated to smaller MLS markets.

Enter Rich. He and the team went to work. And over the next few years they added about 85,000 customers to Paragon and some of the largest MLS markets in the industry; GAMLS, Sandicor, Vancouver BC to name a few. (And some are yet to be announced.)

His legacy includes 4 straight years on the top of Clareity Consulting’s Satisfaction Survey. Not bad. And its hard to find anyone that’s not more respected in the industry.

What I don’t think many companies understand is while any person may be replaceable, that’s not so for a true leader.

And now Rich is a free agent. And just when the MLS industry is starting to shake up. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  1. Great work Rich! Congrats and best wishes on this next phase of your professional career. You have my cell big guy!

  2. Rich Lull permalink

    Greg, thank you for the kind words. I am very grateful to the fine folks at Fidelity/LPS/Black Knight for the awesome opportunity, and I am even more thankful to the BK MLS team (which includes our customers) for the trust and the work that went into our success. Looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be!

  3. Sean Murphy permalink

    Good Luck Rich. It was a pleasure working with you as a Paragon customer. I love how you are always reaching beyond what a normal and sane person would. I look forward to seeing what you will do next.

  4. Robbin Crossley permalink

    Good luck Rich. It was great working with you and I will miss our “discussions” on many subjects. Looking forward to where you go now.

  5. Kevin Greene permalink

    I have had the privilege of working for Rich. He truly cares for his clients and employees. Leads by example and always “tells it like it is”. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  6. Karen Dupriest permalink

    Nicely said Greg. There are only the words – -Rich, you will be missed! Thanks for all you have done for Sandicor and our team. You are a true professional!!!

  7. Rich – you are one of the most amazing leaders I have met in the vendor space over my time here. I completely trust and value our relationship and look forward to what comes next. Please stay in touch and know that you will be missed in the short-term. Thank you for being bold and honest.

  8. Very nice Greg and Rich, regardless of where you’ve held your shingle up in the past, your dedication to the industry as a whole is very much noted and appreciated and best of luck to you on future endeavors. Perhaps this is the time to sharpen your skills and join the PGA Tour!

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