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The talk of T3

by Greg Robertson on May 2nd, 2016

I had a major case of FOMO last week, missing out on the T3 Summit. While Stefan was gracious enough to include me on their Power 200 list I had way too much going on (i.e. launching our new Cloud MLX product) to make the trek.

Rank-45-HeadshotWhile there were a lot of sessions covering some of the most talked about topics (Upstream, AMP, etc.) I’ve talked to a few people who attended the event and the one speaker/person who kept coming up and that everyone was impressed by was Amy Bohutinsky, the Chief Operating Officer of Zillow. She previously ran the marketing at Zillow and took the new role right around when they closed Trulia.

If anyone else has anything to share please say something in the comments. I tried following on Twitter but couldn’t keep up.

Well, there’s always next year. Word is they will hold it at the Four Seasons again in Westlake Village. This year the event sold out fast.

  1. David Charron permalink

    Amy was a great, great speaker. Great interview of her by Stefan.

    Paul Charron (ok he is my brother) provided very thoughtful, pragmatic, doable lessons on leadership learned from his career at Liz and Campbell’s and Proctor and Gamble. And as we learned, lots of smart women (including Angela Ahrendts/Apple COO) have worked for him.

    Jack Miller and Stefan did a great job of facilitating sessions.

    Upstream messaging is much better coordinated and communicated. They really need to announce their CEO and let all the volunteers get back to their full time jobs.

    The Realogy CEOs are all top shelf. Rick Davidson of C21 really stood out.

    Helen Hanna Casey is very candid, very concise. Her life outside of real estate was a pleasant revelation and real treat to hear.

    But again, Amy was the best. In my opinion she owned the room and everyone was cool with it!

  2. Stefan and team did a great job. Polished and professional, no nonsense…and intimate enough to talk to everyone there. It really was a good show…no sponsors and just long enough.

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