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Are we doing it wrong?

by Greg Robertson on June 1st, 2016

This Inman Article on “Millennials rank workplace values – No. 1 might surprise you” came up in my email again.

The article reference a study done by Deloitte, with a infographic from Statista:


We’ve been doing a fair amount of hiring this year, and true to the title I am surprised by number one, which is millennials believe in a good work life/balance. Of course we all want a good work/life balance. But, I’ve been a bit taken aback by this. Because it comes off from prospective job candidates like, “I want to make sure I have time for my family and friends.” or “I don’t want to travel too much”, or “Do I have to come to the office every day?”. I think back when I was first searching for a job I wouldn’t even dream of asking such questions. I was raised to show up on time, work my ass off, and hope to get ahead.

I find myself now trying to temper my initial knee jerk reaction to questions like this with a bit more patience and awareness. Because maybe they are right.

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  1. Rosemary Scardina permalink

    Amen Greg,

  2. It’s a new world indeed and witnessing same thing here. I was raised the “old school” way too I guess and that knee-jerk reaction is still something I struggle with. All boils down to parenting, or lack thereof, I think.

  3. I must have attended the same school of work and life philosophy that you attended…and I hired lots of folks over the years and I always hated it when the first questions from the applicant was about vacations, benefits, time off.

    You ask, “maybe they have it right?”…I’ll add, “and then, maybe they don’t.”


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