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California Assoc. of Realtors sues PDFfiller.com for $136M for ‘unlawful copyright violations’

“C.A.R’s complaint also alleges that PDFfiller.com engaged in the “willful infringement” of C.A.R.’s copyrighted forms and its registered trademarks.

The suit also alleges that PDFfiller.com purchased web search terms that lead the public to its site when they search for C.A.R. documents, rather than C.A.R.’s website, and then sells access to its website.

“PDFfiller.com has charged users for access to counterfeit C.A.R. documents bearing C.A.R.’s registered tradename and logo which they have no right to do,” C.A.R. said in a statement.

C.A.R.’s lawsuit seeks more than $136 million in monetary compensation, including statutory penalties, and attorneys’ fees, as well as a permanent injunction on PDFfiller.com to prohibit “future infringing activity.”

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