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Hunger makes the best sauce

by Greg Robertson on August 8th, 2016

Dan and I want to send a big thank you to Brad and everyone else at Inman News for the unexpected honor of winning this year Most Innovative Technology Award for Cloud MLX. We also want to thank all of you who have supported us over the 25 years we’ve been in real estate technology. We are just getting started with Cloud MLX and can’t wait to show you more. Thanks!

P.S. Looks like Katie was pretty stoked too.

  1. Brad Inman permalink

    Could not happen to a better two guys!

  2. Congrats…. I love overnight successes… I hope they videoed the event as you (Greg) jumped as far of the floor as you are tall 😉 ….

  3. David Charron permalink

    Well deserved guys. Nicely done!

  4. Sean Murphy permalink

    Well Done Gentlemen! Congratulations to W&R Studios on another fantastic product.

  5. Well deserved and a huge congratulations!

  6. Congrats guys. Well deserved.

  7. Rosemary Scardina permalink


  8. Walt Baczkowski permalink

    Congrats my friend.

  9. Dave Howe permalink

    REALLY was there ever a question? As I said before, there is no two individuals who have innovated more to the direct benefit of the working agent on the street than Greg and Dan from W&R Studios!

    CONGRATULATIONS to two most deserving Innovators!

  10. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and Dan and the rest of your team. You guys work really hard and deserve this win!

  11. Congrats guys! Well deserved my friends!

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