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Powered by RPR?

by Greg Robertson on September 6th, 2016

Something struck me as not quite right about this recent video from Upstream (at least I think Upstream made it). I think the video is well produced (the worse parts are anytime the Upstream logo makes an appearance). The video is kind of like one of the “Prop XX” videos you see during election times, you can’t really tell who is benefiting if it passes, “Consumers” or “Big Tobacco”!

First I find it super interesting that they are hitting on the “re-keying of data”, as Upstream’s main value proposition. The real reason (as I see it), brokers wanting things to go back to how they were in 1995, is nowhere in the messaging. It’s all about saving “significant costs” and “risk of data being entered incorrectly” now. Which I think is smart on their part.

What I don’t get is the “powered by RPR” moniker. To me RPR is just the vendor on this project. I just can’t figure out who wanted this, RPR or the peeps at Upstream?

Cui bono?

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  1. Consider the RE-Keying of data in a dysfunctional world like NJ, where it’s common for agents to subscribe to three MLS systems and must also manually input the same information into their franchise systems. A single point of entry, be it Trestle, or RETS.LY, or Upstream, would be a REAL member benefit. Who is it then that is poo-poohing that feature as the “industry” looks to move forward?

    You mention “going back to 1995,” as in before the rise of MLS as a cash heavy industry? What would you guess, MLS is maybe a $500 Million proposition nationwide? Brokers will need an asteroid to strike.

  2. Robert Drummer permalink

    The strongest push for Upstream appears to be coming from KW.

    They have an Upstream talking points document:

    They stand to benefit from combining/eliminating KWLS and they’ve had a strong agent-level grass roots program/email campaign.

    I’m not aware of another company pushing it at all but I’m sure they all stand to benefit by reducing the data input to their internal systems.

  3. @Thomas I just don’t buy it. If “RE-Keying” is the main issue then why not just implement something like Zapier? Hell, you might even be able to get by with the free version!

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