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Vendor Artifact 9.7.16 – IRIS website circa 1996

by Greg Robertson on September 7th, 2016

IRIS website 1996

The site actually still works =>

“IRIS LIGHTNING for Windows is a telecommunications program designed to help real estate professionals make better use of their Multiple Listing Service. It works with all of the major MLS systems, including Moore Data’s Compass ™ and Super-Trieve ™, PRC’s Stellar ™, BORIS ™, RISCO ™, FBS ™, TRW Redi-Data ™, Data-Quick ™, or just about any other system accessible with ProComm ™ or Crosstalk ™, including regular BBS systems. It is especially useful for accessing Compass and Stellar because it gets beautiful photographs of the houses as well as the data”

Check out the “IRIS People” link and see if you recognize any names.

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  1. Parasites.

  2. @John Ha! 20 years later and we still haven’t changed the business model : )

  3. You bet – I still use their logo (with Prior Permission) and at least half a dozen people I know, even today.

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