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MLS executives make Inman News’ list of “Real Estate Influencers of 2017”

Inman News yesterday put out a list of the “Real Estate Influencers of 2017“. Here’s what they said about the people on this list…

“The Inman Influencer List salutes industry professionals who shape, change and influence the industry. They bring a mix of credentials, viewpoints and backgrounds from all walks of the real estate business. Some are creative, intuitive and gifted. Some have power, reach and charisma. And some are controversial, rabble-rousers and disrupters.”

The list appears to be close to 150 people. Over 50 of them women. Here’s a list of MLS notables on the list

Bob Hale
Art Carter
David Charron
Jim Harrison
Rebecca Jensen

Rob Hahn, Victor Lund, and Kevin Hawkins represent some of the consultants on the list.

Chris Bennet, Jeremy Crawford, and Pace Davis were also included.

Zillow Group appeared to have the most people represented with about 11 people, including Errol Samuelson, and Jay Thompson.

Also there was this guy.

Congrats to everyone!

  1. Congrats and well deserved Greg! Also, it’s good to see some of my fellow MLS Executives represented on the list. All well deserved and Rockstars in their own right!

    The Zillow Group is VERY well represented on this list. A better question is who from Zillow is not represented rather than who is. Favoritism? I’m guessing Inman was on their Christmas card list.

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