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Raising Standards in Real Estate – Listing Bits Episode 4

Special guest Rob Hahn talks about organized real estate

The Notorious R.O.B., Robert Hahn, is Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, a real estate consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing corporate strategy including product management, brand marketing and social networking.

Hahn has a wide range of experience. His holds a BA in Philosophy from Yale and a graduate degree from NYU School of Law. After working briefly for a firm, he took a 98% pay cut to work as a magazine editor. Hahn’s diverse resume also includes positions at USA Networks, Inc., Kinesis Marketing and Realogy.

Hahn launched his consulting career in 2009 with the formation of 7DS Associates. He also writes a popular real estate blog, The Notorious R.O.B., and co-hosts the real estate podcast Trialogues which addresses technology, marketing and leadership in the real estate industry.

Hahn is a sought-after keynote speaker and change agent who thrives on speaking his mind and shaking things up in the real estate industry. On this episode of the podcast, he speaks to the nature of his consulting work, his candid approach to identifying industry challenges and the impending mood shift regarding standards for agents and brokers. Listen and learn what’s next for Hahn as makes an exclusive announcement about a new venture.

What’s Discussed:

– The pros and cons of consulting
The “eat what you kill” model means you must continually prove value
– The differences between commercial and residential real estate
– The “tyranny of politeness” in the industry and why Rob and Greg feel a responsibility to speak their minds

– Hahn’s take on the biggest issue in real estate
The preamble to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics outlines the fiduciary responsibility of agents and brokers
– Why it’s difficult for consumers to evaluate realtors
Lack of transparency
Infrequent contact
– How REALTORS themselves can help raise standards
– What’s next for Hahn and the details of an upcoming partnership

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