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Is Lucie Fortier heading to industry startup Remine?

My sources are saying yes. I first heard of Lucie leaving CoreLogic at Inman Connect NYC. At the time she was very vague about her plans. I thought the departure was significant, since she was part of the original Tarasoft Matrix team. Which makes me wonder if there is anyone left from that original team still working at CoreLogic. Brian de Schepper now works at Zillow Group.

Remine is getting a lot of buzz lately. Here’s what their website says…

“Remine is the next wave in real estate innovation
Remine’s intuitive interface visualizes public record, consumer data and transactional information to bring Big Data to life. By connecting this information exclusively through the MLS we provide one integrated platform that allows agents to turn new opportunities into revenue.”

Sounds a lot like TLCengine.


  1. I’ve seen a demo of Remine and would love to have it replace Realist if possible. Combine that with Agent Inbox on an MLS system and you have a killer combo. That’s my dream and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

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