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Austin and San Antonio consider consolidating to one MLS system

by Greg Robertson on February 24th, 2017

ABoR and SABOR Consider Merging MLS Systems

“While still in the feasibility phase, this consideration has emerged amid rapid development throughout the Central and South Texas areas, further blending Austin and San Antonio. In addition, it is driven by changing dynamics in the real estate industry, including opportunities to leverage cooperation and technology to create order across the marketplace, enhance offerings and maintain affordable rates for our subscribers.”

Interesting to see if this plays out. Getting to the point of these discussions is a huge accomplishment. In a recent post by Brian Boero of 1000watt he stated his thoughts in regards to MLS consolidation…

1. It should probably happen where MLS boundaries are significantly incongruent with natural market areas and impose burdens of time and cost on brokers and agents

2. It should probably happen if an MLS’s broker and agent customers are consistently unhappy with product, service, scope of activity or management.

3. It should probably happen if a strong business case can be made that combination will create a stronger organization with more human and financial capital directed at supporting brokers and agents.

Everything else? Case-by-case.

I think this merger idea meets a lot of his criteria. Although, having lived in San Antonio, I think culturally Austin and San Antonio are an odd fit.

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  1. Kudos to the leadership of both orgnanizations for engaging in the discussion about “what it could be”! Well done guys!

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