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Remine inks deal with NTREIS

NTREIS signs license with Remine to bring Big Data to North Texas

““Remine complements our existing MLS systems by adding a beautiful visualization of all our data,” said John Holley, CEO of NTREIS. “An incredible feature is their ability to reconnect with past clients, and see their propensity to sell. And then even if you’ve lost their contact info, Remine can update it.”

Leo Pareja, CEO of Remine, said “Remine will be deeply integrated with the existing front end system to create a seamless experience. We’ve designed Remine to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals; we look forward to delivering our core functionality to the community in North Texas.”

Remine has been getting a lot of buzz lately. They are hitting the ground running with many deals signed and more in the pipeline.

I think it would be fair to qualify them in the “alternative front end” or “next gen front end” category. The twist with Remine seems to be predictive data analytics and a lot of data visualization. Although I haven’t seen the product and their website is scant on any product shots or video. Unfortunately the website does include the hokey copy, “Remine was built for agents, by agents…”, which kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. ; )

Remine and others are filling a vacuum left by traditional MLS vendors. They promise a modern UI and UX with a bunch of other bells and whistles. The challenge will be adoption. Will any of them change agent behavior enough to draw traffic/usage away from their “main” MLS system?

Time will tell. In my opinion we are at just at the beginning of a new cycle in MLS technology.

  1. I love the idea of this product being adopted by our MLS. At first as a parallel product to Realist and eventually as a replacement. CoreLogic does data well but their UX/UI is stuck for the most part in the Windows XP era.

    CoreLogic as do others suffers from BlackBerry syndrome. They keep stale UIs around not because they’re great, but because that’s the way they’ve always done it. They tinker around the edges and call it progress. Thankfully as Greg said, there are exciting vendors on the horizon.

    Let’s see…where did I put my old BlackBerry Pearl?? Maybe I’ll start using it instead of my iPhone 7.

  2. Case in point about about why I think CoreLogic is mind numbingly stale.

    I went to there website to look at their products. I clicked over to their MLS products. One of them is Innovia. I clicked through to Learn More. Wow, talk about a 1990s UI.

    But it gets worse. I clicked through to the Learn More about Matrix and I get a little box on the page that said “We’re SORRY, You need to update your Flash Player. I about fell off my chair. Flash!! That is how lame they are.

  3. Our 7 offices and 1,000 agents are part of the Bright MLS. I took one look at what Leo and Remine built and it was the first time it felt like the software was designed by someone who has kitchen table experience taking a listing or has been in the car with a buyer. I am glad David Charron and Bright saw how game changing this will be and inked the deal. I can’t wait to have it in our MLS, ASAP. Brandon Green, Managing Partner, KWCP.

  4. I saw Remine early last year and begged my MLS in Alaska to bring it to our market. I can’t wait to have it go live soon! This will literally reduce the amount of software and websites I must use every day by a factor of 10. Wes Madden, Broker/Owner Madden Real Estate.

  5. Leo, the CEO of Remine, was in the same Realtor magazine class of 30 under 30 that I was in. This guy is a solid rockstar. He was a machine when it came to Real Estate and one the best lead generators I ever met. If he is now in the software space building tools for MLS’ and agents, it is exciting to see what they will do!!
    Tyler Smith – CEO of Skyslope

  6. Brandon Green thanks for the shout out. To be fair it was you, Jeff Detwiler, Boomer Foster, David Howell, Shane McCullar and others who individually brought Remine to my attention. Unique and effective marketing strategy on the part of Remine to first go to brokers and talk to them about an MLS wide solution and how it benefits the ecosystem.Our guys are jazzed about the possibilities for sure.

    I do think Greg’s comment about how this impacts the rules of enagagment with traditional systems is spot on. BrightMLS will be using Remine as a complimentary solution. But….if adoption does follow then the mainstay service providers will surely want/have to pivot. Within 12-24 months tools that provide digestible and actionable big data insights (like Remine) into our buying and selling decisions will be so essential we will wonder how we ever functioned without them.

  7. Greg, remember when these guys were called ‘Real Deal’ at the Retsly hackathon sometime at the end of 2015… and they blew us away on the judging panel?! If we only knew then that we’d picked a real winner, way beyond that hack 😉

    The remine guys have been close on my radar since, and I’ve come to know them personally as stand-up guys. In British Columbia, we continue to look for ways of providing MLS-without-borders. I can’t echo David Charron’s comments enough – remine may be the pioneer for the way forward in the MLS space.

    I cannot WAIT to bring them to Canada….

  8. Greg and Lynnette, I remember it well! Having seen the amazing talent, hard work and domain expertise from literally the very beginning, I am extremely happy to see that so many MLSs are signing on for Remine. This marks a really amazing shift in thinking for the industry about how we use the data that we have for the benefit of all. Great team, amazing product. If you haven’t signed up, you are missing out.

  9. Realcomp has signed an agreement to bring Remine to all of our subscribers and we are really excited to get started. As soon as we saw what they offered, we knew it was what we needed to stay at the forefront of this ever changing industry. It’s a big step but an important one and we are happy to be moving forward!

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