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See you at T3!

by Greg Robertson on May 2nd, 2017

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the T3 Summit this week. Looks like Stefan and company have put together another great event.

Katie and I arrive on Wednesday afternoon. Rob Hahn and I will be doing live recordings of our podcast “Industry Relations” so I hope to include a few of you in those conversations as well.

And remember what Tio Greg says, “Never go big on the first night!”

  1. Yes – looking forward to seeing you and 300 of our favs in Westlake Village this week for the T3 summit!

  2. David Charron permalink

    The only way I go big is if I am with you. I hope I don’t see you until Thursday????

  3. Roland Estrada permalink

    Looks cleaner that ZT. It reminds me of with a more readable Refine bar. Also there is also single line view!! Most portals and IDX sites suck for this exclusion alone. Who the hell wants to click though pages and pages of thumbnail views. Thumbnail views are cute but what a UX nightmare!

    I’m a big fan of a clean UI, so that is a plus. The map needs square, polygon and radius tools.

    Overall, a much better site than ZT.

  4. Roland Estrada permalink

    Hmmm. Meant to comment on the Zillow post. Oh well…

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