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Bob Goldberg

“Talk about a dream. Try and make it real” – Bruce Springsteen, Badlands.

What you should know about Bob Goldberg — possibly NAR’s next CEOThe current SVP at the National Association of Realtors has a deep background in real estate technology

“It’s not hard to see why Goldberg would be an obvious choice.”

Agreed. This post on Inman goes on in detail about Bob’s many accomplishments since joining NAR in 1995. It’s beyond impressive, I had no idea about half of them. Simply put Bob is a guy that gets things done. Period.

I’ve heard many rumors about who is in the running. But in my opinion I cannot think of anyone else who is more qualified for this position. But, just because, lets break down a few of the biggest arguments.

“NAR needs NEW leadership, not more of the same.”
Bullshit. Just because a person works for the CEO, doesn’t mean he that when he/she becomes the new CEO he/she is going to lead the same way. Also, when did experience become a liability? Or loyalty? By electing someone outside the industry in franchise/finance/whatever industry (oh please NOT someone from the banking/finance world GROSS!) would be as stupid as appointing a brain surgeon to run HUD.

“Most REALTORS are women, so the new CEO needs to be a women.”
The new CEO for NAR should be the best person for the job.

“We need a big name to lead us”
A celebrity? How’s that working out America?

Back in the day while working at eNeighborhoods, we were a “REALTOR VIP partner”, which is now “REALTORS Benefits”. Over the years, we got to spend a lot of time with Bob, his staff and family. I got to know him and them pretty well. He’s the real deal. Smart, honest, and sincere. He has a great sense of humor, a good boss, and a loving father. He’s got a deep knowledge and passion for the industry. In short, he’s a leader.

  1. Bob is definitely a get it done guy. Next time you see him, ask him who ask ask him who trained him when he first arrived at NAR (RIN:-).

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