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The Zoffer

by Greg Robertson on May 22nd, 2017

For as long as I can remember one the most effective “call to action” in real estate has been the venerable…

“What’s My Home Worth?”

You can find this messaging on all manners of of real estate media. Some products do it better, than others. Hell, the reason we are even talking about Zillow is the “Zestimate”, which is the personification of that call to action.

But it turns out the Zestimate was really more geared towards Buyers (and voyeurs). But it’s a Sellers market. So what’s a Zillow supposed to do if it wants to drive Seller leads?

Enter, Zillow’s “Instant Offers“. Or what I’m calling a “Zoffer“. Which gives the value proposition,

“I can sell your home in one week!”

Zillow is testing this in 2 markets, Orlando and Las Vegas. And the entire industry is collectively losing its shit. Check out the comments on Inman’s post, Zillow launches ‘Instant Offers’ pilot program for homesellers, to get a taste.

I think its a ballsy move driven by a real need to generate seller leads for it Premier Agents, but also as a counter to all the hype surrounding Opendoor. Zillow wants to show Wall Street its got its sexy back.

Are they crossing the line? Are they becoming a broker, or just a matchmaker? Lots of questions.

I think its too early to tell. But I’m super curious to see if it works. And if any of those agents need a good CMA, I know where you can find one.

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  1. Roland Estrada permalink

    LOL! Zillow inspires a lot of heated commentary to be sure. The FB comments are off the charts.

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