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CMLS plays offense

CMLS Launches “The Value Of MLS” Campaign

“Every day, well over a million real estate professionals wake up knowing they can count on reliable market information, agreed-upon rules and professional norms, and certainty about how they compensate and are compensated when working together” said Denee Evans, CEO of CMLS. “The MLS provides much more than data; it establishes and safeguards the conditions necessary for a large and diverse group of real estate brokers, agents and service providers to work together effectively.”

“Real estate brokers and agents sell real estate, and in doing so sustain our American Dream of homeownership,” said Lauren Hansen, president of CMLS and CEO of IRES, an MLS serving Northern Colorado. “And nearly all of them rely upon the MLS system to do that important work. This new campaign is aimed at creating a greater understanding of that basic fact.”

I really love this. And I think these types of initiatives are exactly what CMLS should be focusing on. Having the MLS industry play more offense, than being so defensive. Plus the work 1000watt did here is top notch. The slogan, “Making the market work” is exactly right. I hope MLS providers take advantage of the thought that went in to the whole campaign.

Kudos to Denee, Lauren and the rest of the CMLS board for making the investment in this. More please!

  1. This was one of the highlights from this year’s CMLS Brings It To The Table event in DC. Good job CMLS board and staff! I concur with Greg that this is right on right now.

  2. Thanks for the call out, Greg.

    We are just getting started with the national campaign so I suspect we will be seeing this promoted by MLSs near and far, large and small. It’s overdue.

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