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Pro Tip: Save your sales literature for your suite.

I love swag, but hate sales literature at a booth. By sales literature, I mean the one pager flyers or brochures that list the features and benefits of your product.


Swag attracts people to your booth.

A sales flyer is an excuse for a prospect NOT to talk to a sales person.

I’m not saying sales literature isn’t helpful is some circumstances. I might keep a sales literature at a booth, but hidden for special circumstances. Handing out sales literature in your suite is a good idea when your client has to go back to the office and hand out something to their committee members. Well done sales literature is a great way of promoting your brand and value proposition and should be treated as a supplement to your website.

But handing out sales brochures at a booth is just plain lazy. Sales people should be selling, not passing out pieces of paper.

And while we are on the topic of selling. Only have counter height tables at a booth and remove the any chairs at your booth. I always say, “Closers never sit”. And its easier to view a computer screen, or fill out an order from when standing.

You’re welcome.

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