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RIP Hugh, I’m going to miss your parties

by Greg Robertson on September 28th, 2017

I’ve been to two Playboy parties in my life, both in Las Vegas. I was an AV guy working for a company called Systems 2000. We had a gig working at a convention in Las Vegas at a booth for Newline Cinema. We were next door to the Playboy Home Video booth. This was back in the days before the internet, the time where every corner had a video rental store or a Blockbusters. This was the convention that all the studios would entertain store owners with elaborate parties. But Playboy’s parties were the invites to get.

I got to know the guys working the Playboy booth, and after some horse trading (usually company swag and t-shirts) we secured an invite to the “Playboy Pajama Party” and the “Playboy Wet n’ Wild”party at a local waterpark.

While I can’t publish any of the photos I have from the “Wet n’ Wild” party I do have this photo from the Pajama Party.

I thought I had hit it off with the current Playmate of the Year, Stacy Sanches, she said I was funny. So after the party I asked her out (she declined, said she was “busy”.) But, look at this photo, she’s in to me, right?!

RIP Hugh. Hope you went out with a smile!

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  1. Lauren permalink

    Wow. New level of respect.

  2. That’s pretty thumpin’ awesome!

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