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RESO DataComp

Calling all innovative thinkers that want to change the course of real estate history!

“RESO will be hosting a data competition, with the chance to win up to 25k in cash!
We are connecting the best entrepreneurial developers with RESO compliant APIs. Software technologies change very rapidly and RESO is challenging the developer community to push the innovation envelope. Unlike traditional developer “hackathons” that only last hours, this event is comprised of a month-long development process.
DataComp participant registration is separate from the 2017 conference registration and is open to anyone who believes the use of RESO compliant APIs can benefit the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are the home hacker or the corporate coder, if you have been incubating the next “big idea” be sure to be seen at this event. This competition is certain to be one of the best reasons for real estate technologists to join us in San Diego.

I’ve got a killer idea for this, I just wish Dan wasn’t so damn busy. $25K would buy a lot of Tanqueray.

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