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VHT Studios Unveils Virtual Twilight and Decluttering

VHT Studios Unveils Virtual Twilight for Real Estate Professionals to Further Captivate Buyers and Boost a Listing’s Appeal

“Virtual Twilight is another convenient alternative to VHT’s traditional twilight photography sessions. VHT uses our professional photographers’ daylight exterior photographs and our image specialists digitally transform them into twilight photographs. It saves time for the seller and real estate professional, since it requires no additional or extended late-day photography sessions.

I would qualify this as a AR (Augmented Reality) type of feature, although it’s not done on the fly. But, their slide demo is pretty impressive, make sure you look at all the photos, the decluttering and staging examples are just as impressive as the twilight photos. I wish I could use the decluttering feature in real life for my boy’s rooms.

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