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Vendor Alley 2017 Gift Guide

Here’s a list of items any Vendor would love.

1. Apple MFi Certified USB to Micro USB + USB Type-C + Lightning Charge & Sync Cable, 3ft Black. Currently out of stock but you must have this cable in your bag.

2. Juiced Systems BizHUB USB-C Multiport Gigabit HDMI Hub, 3x USB 3.0 Ports, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 4K, SD/Micro SD, USB-C Power Delivery
For those having gone to the pain of upgrade to a new MacBook Pro and the nightmare of USB-C, this thing is a life saver, better than Apple’s in my opinion.

3. Apple iPad Pro
Speaking of Apple, I just love this thing. I prefer the 10.5″ version. And spend the extra money and get WIFI + Celluar. As shitty as airport and hotel’s WIFI is its always cool to have another option. Think of it as you own personal WIFI spot with a huge battery. PRO TIP: If you are on AT&T with your phone get on another network with your iPad. That way if one network is down or not accessible you have a backup.

4. Eyekepper 5-pack Spring Hinges 80’s Reading Glasses +1.25
These are cheap ray ban knock off reading glasses. They come in a 5 pack so I can just keep a pair upstairs, downstairs, in the garage, wherever.

5. AirPods
One of the those products that you wonder how you did without them.

Happy Holidays everyone!

  1. I love my iPad Pro! Another nice option for keeping reading glasses around is Thin Optics. The fold away in a small keychain holder.

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