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More recognition for Industry players

by Greg Robertson on January 18th, 2018

When the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) list came out I didn’t catch a few other categories they had listed, Emerging Leaders, Trendsetters and Social Influencers. And they are full of some of my favorite people, and while I can’t highlight them all I thought some deserve quick shout out.

Shelley Specchio was listed in the Emerging Leaders section. Note to the SP200 folks, Shelley “emerged” about 10 years ago, and has been a strong leader in this industry ever since, first at NNRMLS and now MIBOR.

So glad to see Joseph Cullom get some props. What I like about Joseph is that his is unafraid to try new things and shake it up a bit. We need more leaders like that.

And speaking of shaking things up, Tim Dain, has been the mad scientist in the MLS world. You can see a lot of his fingerprints on the many initiatives out there today.

And Jeremy Crawford has really taken the horse by the reins with RESO. The sense of urgency is higher than ever, just like the number of attendees to his conferences.

On the vendor side the more I learn about Buyside the more I’m impressed with what Charles Williams is putting together.

The first time I met Tyler Gordon I was impressed with his product and vision for a more connected experience in real estate.

It’s hard to highlight any of the Social Influencers list because I follow them all. But you gotta be reading everything Sam DeBord writes, Katie Lance is a pleasure to work with, and Heather Elias has recently started a company, Artisan Consulting.

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  1. Tim Dain permalink

    Thanks for the mention. I might have to update my twitter handle to @MLSmadscientist, it has a nice ring. If that happens I might even send a tweet more than once per year.

  2. Brian Tepfer permalink

    Great mentions, Greg.

  3. Thanks Greg. High praise from Caesar. Looking fwd to seeing everyone next week!

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