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ShowingTime launches MarketView, new product for Brokers to help with recruiting and market knowledge.

ShowingTime Introduces MarketView Broker, a Browser-Based Application for Brokers to Recruit Top Performers and Determine Market Share

“We believe MarketView Broker will become an essential tool for brokers to recruit top agents, gain market share, have a deeper knowledge of the markets they serve and provide a clear competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane.
“It can be accessed on any device from anywhere, and will be available to customers and prospective customers looking to grow their presence in the 300+ markets where ShowingTime offers services.”

I’ve always been impressed with ShowingTime. They are doing a lot of things right and you can tell there is a lot of thinking from the top down. Here’s a few observations.

1. They invest in themselves – They’ve made some savvy acquisitions to increase market share of their core product ShowingTime.

2. They made their data an asset – They are creating a proprietary dataset based on the data they collect through their own products. Their ShowingTime Showing Index tracks the average number of buyer showings on active residential properties on a monthly basis.

3. They give their customers better ways to leverage their data. – They are also creating (or acquiring) other products that leverage that data with products like MarketStats, and now MarketShare.

A couple small quibbles – Their UI, mostly on their MLS product, and having an API (iframes are not cutting it anymore). While I think they are doing a good job in data visualization in reports, I think that some focus on UI would really pay a lot of dividends. And making it easier for developers to access their data (via an API) for other apps would only increase its value.

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