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Inman Connect NYC – Need your help

by Greg Robertson on January 22nd, 2018

Looking forward to seeing everyone in New York for the Inman Connect Conference. I’m heading out there tomorrow.

I’ll be participating on a panel on the “Data Track“, which has a ton of great content BTW!

The panel is “Live Problem Solving”, I’ll be joined with Chris Bennett, VP of CoreLogic and Suzanne Mueller, SVP of Move/, David Charron will be moderating. It’s at 2:55PM on Thursday, Westside Ballroom, Salon 2.

The premise of the panel is that audience members can ask us questions and we will do our best, based on our experience, of answering those questions. Here are some examples…

“How did you come up with pricing for your product?”
“How to you manage MLS permissioning”
“What trade/shows and events are worth participating in?”

So, here’s where I need the help. If you have any questions that you would like to ask myself or any of the other panel participants please leave them in the comments. If we have a lull in the questions we will bring yours up!

See you soon! And remember Never Go Big On The First Night!


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