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Goldberg takes a stand

More details on NAR’s decision to shut down AMP.

Realtors Property Resource® Suspends AMP Program, Announces Multiyear Funding Cuts

“The decision to cut funding for AMP, an open architecture platform that provides customized back-end technology services for small- to mid-size multiple listing services, was made by NAR CEO Bob Goldberg, and endorsed by NAR’s Leadership Team and RPR’s senior management, as part of an organizational review of NAR and its subsidiaries, including RPR. NAR recently announced an organizational realignment to become a radically member-centric organization.

In less than 7 months NAR’ new CEO, Bob Goldberg has reorganized the entire Associaiton and now making cuts to one of it’s most controversial initiatives. Less than 7 months people, this is not your old NAR.

“As part of its cost reduction efforts, RPR is also taking action to reduce its overall operating costs by at least 20 percent in 2019; those savings will be reallocated to help fund other higher priority NAR initiatives. NAR and RPR senior management will be working together closely over the coming months to conduct an in-depth review of RPR’s activities to identify and achieve those cost saving measures, as well as further optimizations and expense reductions over the coming years.”

20 percent is huge. You can’t get to that without some sort of staff reduction. How high? It’s anybody’s guess.

““I vowed a full review of the organization and its programs when I assumed the role of CEO to ensure we provide the best value to our members. Suspending funding for AMP will allow RPR to refocus its resources on delivering the best user experience to Realtors®,” said NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. “NAR will continue offering its full support to the MLS and MLS-vendor community as it moves toward an environment that fosters greater innovation and allows for faster and easier technology integration.”

There were many naysayers when Bob was announced as the new CEO. Not me. Bob, NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall, and I suspect many other volunteers are not letting things stay the same.

It’s not about laying blame (in fact I love the way Bob mentioned the MLS community at the end of this quote), you got to move on, make the tough decisions, and follow through on what you promised.

That’s called leadership.

  1. “That’s Leadership” is right on.
    I believe that the new broom team has also put on notice those Associations who haven’t met the requirements of policy mandates that are meant to make the industry stronger and more efficient.
    I think that having your Charter lifted, no longer being identified as a Realtor and not being invited to or involved in state and national conferences etc ought to create more than one pause for reflection.

  2. I hope John is right. There is no excuse for not being compliant with NAR policy. I fully support the technology standards that NAR, RESO, vendors and leading MLSs have been driving for some time. Let’s do this!

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