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N.A.R. shuts down RPR’s AMP program

Looks like letters are being sent out this morning:

“At a meeting of the RPR Advisory Council this week, the future of AMP was discussed, and its relationship to its overall resource and funding levels supported by NAR. The result of this assessment is that NAR Leadership, with the full endorsement of RPR’s Senior Management, have concluded that continued funding of the AMP project is not within the 2018 strategic plan for RPR.

This will result in the reallocation of funds for the AMP program in 2018 to other, higher priority NAR initiatives. At the same time, this will allow RPR greater focus on both its core features and products, and to add resources to the Upstream project. The AMP program will be suspended and begin winding down its operations as of February 1, 2018.”


  1. It is a shame that NAR (not a tech company) spend their members money on tech that only at best 6% asked for when they could be utilizing that money for advocacy projects. Will Upstream follow the same fate as AMP?

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