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OMD Visualized

by Greg Robertson on March 30th, 2018

Hi res version of the map can be found here.
Kevin McQueen via Facebook:

“How many MLSs are there? (updated). I have been working with a number of reliable data source with a dream of having a reliable “source of truth” about active residential MLSs. This information is actionable and useful to the industry and this is long overdue. Thanks to RESO, RPR and others for helping us align definitions and counts – 677 is a reliable count this month. We can now identify key information about each one to enable every board of directors, association exec and brokers in each market to make informed decisions about what is best for their members and firms.
Facts and truth replace emotions and drama in decision-making. MLS is a business and we need this data to do it right. Brokers are counting on us.

Here is one visual representation of MLSs by state, along with the number of Realtor users.

– 88 MLSs serve 80% of the Realtors.

– The other 20% have the power to change the MLS landscape by doing what is best for their members and brokers.

– 11 dark red states on the map don’t have a problem with too many MLSs.

– 311 of the MLSs are in just 10 states.

– 20 markets have a bad case of OMD (overlapping market disorder).

What about yours?

If you need more facts and truth to make better business decisions in your boardroom for your members, let us know at

Love this! Looking forward to sharing a conversation I had with Kevin on an upcoming episode of Listing Bits. We talked about his history in the industry, consolidation and about the map graphic above. Only thing I wished I’d asked was if he was related to Steve McQueen?

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  1. Thanks for helping us get the facts out there Greg. We need to align the 20% and the 80% to cause the change our brokers need. We need to unify our national strategy

    No I am not related to Steve, although my first car was a 1968 Mustang.

  2. Kevin,

    Thank you for the acknowledgements! For anyone interested in the data details, the RESO Organizational Unique ID Database is freely available and is powered via API so you can query it by State, Org Type, Active/Inactive, Address, and more! It is updated on a weekly basis as we track all MLS efforts with data shares, regionalizations, consolidations, mergers, etc.

    The API and Instructions are available here:


  3. Jeremy, thanks for sharing the link. We could not do our analysis without your help and continued investment of time. Hundreds of leaders in the MLS space reached out based on this posting of “truth” in the numbers. Several people called me last week to say how much this information helps them, their business and their clients. This is a team sport for sure.

    Another benefit is that leaders are reaching out with new updates, based on the very latest results of associations working together. We will publish a new count and map this week based on researched and more accurate information for ID, IA and other states.

    If you think your numbers look off, send me an email at and I will send you our source list for your market areas. Be sure to tell me what states you are interested.

    Thanks to Jeff Young at RPR and Jeremy for all their support over the past year as we strive to of maintain this source of trust so the people in charge can make informed decisions for their brokers and other members.

    – Kevin

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