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KW pivots again, now says they are a “rocket company”.

by Greg Robertson on April 1st, 2018

Ben Lane reporting for HousingWire

“I was taken blind folded to a secret location deep under ground somewhere in Austin. I was then placed in a chair and the blind fold was taken off. In front of me stood Keller Williams’ co-founder Gary Keller dressed entirely in tin foil.

To my right, in the corner was KW’s Chief Innovation Officer Josh Team playing a video game on an old CRT screen eating from a big bowl what appeared to be extra spicy Cheetos. When I asked Mr. Keller about his attire he stated something to the fact that it was a proto-type “space suit” that he and Josh were working on. Josh turned his head and grunted in our direction and from orange stained lips blurted out he had “1,230 engineers working on it”.

Mr. Keller then went on to explain an elaborate strategy to make KW associates the first “Space Agents”. He went on to say that selling real estate on Earth was “in the past”, and now his focus was Mars.

“What better planet for KW agents to sell real estate than the RED planet?”

No comment from Elon Musk.

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  1. Troy Rech permalink

    Happy Easter, Greg! If you are into that type of thing. Otherwise, Happy April Fools Day. Otherwise, have a nice Sunday!

  2. Roland Estrada permalink

    LOL! Look out Elon! I actually did laugh out loud at this one.

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