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Seriously zipLogix?

by Greg Robertson on May 2nd, 2018

Below is a few of “questions” sent out by zipLogix as part of a “survey” to NAR’s Board of Directors. Apparently it’s part of an effort to help secure zipLogix’s renewal at the upcoming budget meeting at NAR Midyear.

If you can’t read the questions, here’s what they ask….

1. Please choose the answers that most closely describe the value of zipForm(r) to your business.

– I couldn’t do business without it
– It’s the most valuable membership benefit
– I use it regularly and find it valuable
– I would regret not having access to zipForm(r)

Fucking shameless.

The third question is basically a phishing scam to gather intel.

3. If the vote to keep zipForm in the NAR budget was held today, how would you vote?


This is just embarrassing. Puts them and the whole renewal process in a bad light.

  1. Mark Mywords permalink

    According to our survey, people literally cannot say enough nice things about the service.

  2. Steve permalink

    4. Have you stopped beating your wife?

  3. Please pick the answer that best describes your impression of W&R Studios
    -Too cool for words
    -The most creative group of people I have ever encountered
    -Their products are second to none

    Greg Robertson reminds me that
    -He is far too handsome to be a geek
    -James Brown copied his dance moves
    -He inspired Patrick Swazye to say “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”

    Katie is
    -By far the smartest Biz Dev rep in our industry
    -A steal at twice the price
    -The consummate team player

    Yep. Pretty much nails it.

  4. GEORGIA PURPURA permalink

    Well maybe they are mimicking the choices you get at Cold Stone…

    Like It!

    Love It!

    Gotta Have It!

    It works for Cold Stone….Right?

  5. Love this Greg. lol

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