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CoreLogic partners with Homes.com to offer MLS providers public-facing websites


“Under the agreement, CoreLogic will begin offering the Homes.com Fusion Portal product, a public website platform for multiple listing organizations to CoreLogic clients. Consumer-facing websites follow fair display guidelines, clearly identifying the listing broker and agent on properties for sale.”

Make sense on a lot of levels. First Real Estate Digital (red) left this market awhile back, so there’s no clear leader. Second, Homes.com is one of the best at MLS data aggregation. Third, it gives the CoreLogic’s sales teams a quality product to sell back in to its channel. Plus Homes.com is a good partner. They’ve been powering RE/MAX national website since 2006. Andy Woolley and his team are second to none in integrity and have always been champions of the MLS industry.

A couple of observations. To me this puts CoreLogic in direct competition with BPP and Homesnap. Will MLS providers who signed up for Homesnap also purchase a public facing website? Doesn’t that go against what the BPP “partnership” is all about? Also, the marks the third time (by my count) the industry has used the “fusion” moniker. Please everyone, stop trying to make “fusion” happen. ????

[UPDATE: Turns out Black Knight is Real Estate Digital’s reseller, so they haven’t exited as I first thought. Sorry for the confusion. Plus we know that with FBS acquisition of Solid Earth they also have a dog in this fight.]

  1. You know, the more I think about this, the more ticked off I get. These jerk offs have had the worst UI for an MLS and client portal for as long as I can remember. They tried to pawn off the piece of crap Fusion MLS on us that used of all things Flash, after Steve Jobs declared it dead. Why do we as an industry kiss CoreLogic’s butt. They might have a lot of data aggregation, but their products in terms of tech and UI are shit. They still use Effing Flash on their Realist product. Thank God for Remine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats right, I said it!! Steve Jobs was once asked what it meant when he told someone their work is shit. Steve – ” Uh, it usually means their work is shit. Sometimes it means, ‘I think your work is shit, and I’m wrong.’ But usually it means their work is not anywhere near good enough.”

    Why do we accept BlackBerry work when we should be getting iPhone quality work. It Efffing infuriates me that we put up this kind of crap from tech vendors. Yeah maybe it’s better than nothing, but not by much.

    Let’s not accept good enough. Case in point – Redfin, CloudMLX and Compass.

    And of course let us not forget RED’s piece of shit IDX product from the 1990’s. I complained bitterly to CRMLS about having this massive turd as an IDX product. Yeah, I know, there is not a lot money in IDX products. But for God’s sake, have some self respect and have the decency to “Old Yeller” a product when it'[s time.

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