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Prospects Inc. chooses CoreLogic as exclusive distributor


Under the agreement, CoreLogic is the exclusive distributor of all Prospects solutions to new users of Prospects’ solutions in the real estate industry. Specifically designed for real estate, Prospects CRM™, TouchCRM™ and MLS-Touch™ (called Prospects Mobile™ in Canada) empower users to manage callbacks and follow-ups, stay in touch with clients, share their calendar with team members, synchronize contacts with their smart phone and much more. Prospects’ solutions will be deeply integrated with Matrix™ by CoreLogic, one of the most popular multiple listing platforms in the industry with more than 780,000 end users.

“This is a terrific opportunity for us and for the industry at large,” said Charles Drouin, CEO of Prospects Software. “We have experienced tremendous success in a dozen different markets— our mobile solutions are already used by over 200,000 agents—and are now poised for explosive growth across America. With their reputation and reach, CoreLogic is the perfect ally to help spread the news about our CRM and mobile applications.”

Larger companies fronting third party solutions is nothing new and CoreLogic seems to be doing a lot of these types of deals. To be successful you need to have the right product and partner. In this case I think they nailed it. The key now is execution.

  1. Hey Greg!

    Thanks for posting. You need to change the company name though!
    Company is called Prospects Software. Not to be confused with Prospects Plus who’s a printing/postcards and flyers company down in Florida.


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