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Captain Luddite and the iBuyer

by Greg Robertson on June 1st, 2018

Cameron Paine on Inman News…

What my old-fashioned dad taught me about the ‘typical’ iBuyer

In short, I thought an iBuyer was someone in a very particular, time-sensitive situation who would trade getting top dollar on their property for security on the price.

I firmly believe that there will always be a market for these types of sellers, but what I never even considered was that someone who had no time pressure whatsoever would find the model attractive because of sheer convenience. Now that was eye-opening.

This got me wondering whether the real estate industry has underrated convenience as a factor in the real estate transaction. Surely there are more people out there like my father who value time and convenience over money.

Great story from Cameron. I have to agree with him, I thought the total available market (TAM) of these types of Sellers was limited. As time goes on my attitude is changing. I think this is a much bigger market than a lot of us realize.

BTW if you haven’t checked out Cameron’s blog, PainePoint, you should.

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  1. You and Cameron been asleep? Fast and furious. Happy Anniversary pal.

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