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Down Payment Resource celebrates 10 years

It’s a perfect 10

“Since 2008, DPR has advocated for greater transparency of available down payment help so consumers can evaluate their full range of options. Like tax data, walkability scores and school information, down payment assistance information is another important layer of property data.

Working with MLSs, DPR’s proprietary software flags listings that are eligible for down payment programs. DPR currently works with MLSs representing a diverse array of markets across the U.S.

DPR’s lender tools provide loan officers with transaction-level matching of borrowers, properties and approved programs. DPR’s lender business has grown rapidly as the purchase mortgage market dominated.

DPR’s public website allows homebuyers to complete a self-directed search for down payment help.”

Congratulations to Rob and his team. I understand how hard it is to get this far. What’s great about Rob and DPR is that not only are they building a great company but also the good they are doing for society. John Mosey, CEO of NorthStar said it best….

“Parker Principle #9 coming out of the Inman Disconnect conference earlier this year is for the industry to ‘Fight for more ‘available’ housing.” DPR is a step in the direction of achieving that goal while highlighting the role of the real estate professional as an invaluable and invested resource committed to helping every American become part of a homeownership success story.”

Thanks to Rob and DPR for fighting the good fight.

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