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About that Zillow rep….

Interesting story on Inman News today.

Zillow sales exec fired after telling Premier Agent customer to ‘take up yoga’

“A Zillow advertising representative was abruptly fired Monday after sending an email on July 4 suggesting that a dissatisfied Premier Agent customer “take up yoga, and breathe a bit,” in response to his request to cancel his membership with the Zillow advertising and lead-generation program.

First off, who amongst hasn’t been there? Amirite?

“In an statement to Inman, Robinson took responsibility for her actions and apologized to Traynor.

“My email stemmed from frustration and was highly out of line,” she said. “I completely accept all responsibility for my wrong doing and am very remorseful and apologetic for acting from emotion and a place of disappointment. [Tony] is a very good agent and only deserves the best. He is on the right, and I was very much in the wrong. I have learned a big lesson and regret it was at Tony’s expense.”

I gotta say some of the comments on this article are crazy. But I think Jessica showed nothing but class in the way she handled the situation. I would hire Jessica in a heartbeat.

  1. Let’s be frank here. Jessica came clean because she was forced to come clean. Reading into another commenter’s statement, this wasn’t the first time she was inappropriate. You can put out with that, I suppose. But for how long. I stand by my statements in the thread.

    Tell me you wouldn’t fire her if this was not the first offense. It it was a pattern. That way it was done. It was done at midnight on the 4th of July. She made it egregious by what she said and the fact that she made a conscious effort to do it after hours. As I said, this was not her first joyride.

  2. @Roland Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made my fair share, and will most likely make many more. I want all my customers to be treated respectfully, but we are all human.

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