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Zillow gets a broker license and buys a mortgage company

by Greg Robertson on August 7th, 2018

From Inman News

Zillow gets broker’s license in Arizona, but has ‘no plans’ to represent homebuyers and sellers

Zillow is getting a broker’s license in Arizona, but it has no plans to begin hiring real estate agents anytime soon, and it will continue to rely on other brokerages to represent it as it wades further into homebuying and selling transactions, according to Errol Samuelson, the chief industry development officer at Zillow Group.

Samuelson made the comments in an interview with Inman on Monday, regarding Zillow’s just-announced acquisition of Mortgage Lenders of America, a mortgage lender that will help Zillow expand beyond its initial informational and home search purposes and provide home searchers with more services to convert them into homebuyers, directly on Zillow’s popular namesake website.

I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a massive freakout over this piece of news or not. You never know with Zillow. But so far it looks like a nothing sandwich.

From the two articles on Inman News I only see a total of 7 comments, one of them from the above article and 6 on another article focusing on the mortgage company acquisition.

Maybe they didn’t need to replace Jay Thompson?

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  1. Robert Drummer permalink

    The stock had a slight hiccup but that just means it’s a buying opportunity, right?

  2. Marc permalink

    Yeah, as Trump Jr would say, it’s a nothing burger. And for the record,
    noone could replace Jay. Dude was a one of a kind.

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