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bridgeMLS adds dynaConnections’ connectMLS as system of choice option

by Greg Robertson on September 12th, 2018

bridgeMLS Selects dynaConnections’ Highly Acclaimed connectMLS

“bridgeMLS announced today that it has selected dynaConnections’ responsive MLS solution, connectMLS, to offer its subscribers. With a suite of mobile-friendly features including search, reports, contact management, and an embedded TMS, connectMLS will provide bridgeMLS subscribers greater flexibility as well as the ability to customize their MLS environment.
dynaConnections specializes in MLS technology and has consistently earned the highest ratings in industry studies. Its flagship product, connectMLS, maintains full functionality on any device, and its interface automatically adjusts based upon screen dimensions to provide an optimal user experience. The robust yet intuitive solution will be a valuable asset to bridgeMLS’ increasingly mobile subscribers.

This is a very interesting move by bridgeMLS. Mostly I see MLS providers offer a “system of choice” option to help with consolidation efforts with other MLS Providers in the same geographic area. That was certainly the case when MLSListings (which primary MLS system is Matrix) launched Paragon. The idea is it’s easier to consolidate if members didn’t have to learn a new MLS system. That doesn’t appear to be the case here with Bridge since dynaConnections’ closest installation of connectMLS is at MRED, LLC (Chicago, IL).

I have a theory about what is going on here. But I’ll save that for another post.

But let me end by congratulating Tim and his team at dynaConnections!

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  1. Russ Bergeron permalink

    It is about time that connectMLS and dynaConnections are getting some well deserved attention. My personal opinion is that connectMLS is one of the best kept secrets out there. When I first arrived at MRED and started learning about connectMLS, I was blown away by its power and features – both the viewable and behind the scenes. And since then, the system has only gotten better. Tim, John and the crew are an amazing team to work with and provide an enviable level of service to their clients and customers.

  2. This addition was about us bringing a great system to our subscribers without forcing them to change. While consolidation is on the minds of others it isn’t the only option out there. bridgeMLS has been been about working hard to bring some of the best tools and technology to its members and working on datashare agreements throughout the state. While we don’t know what tomorrow will hold we do know that come January we will offer one of the best mls systems out there, connectMLS along with Paragon and our subscribers will have a choice.

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