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5 MLS Providers launch new venture, MLS Aligned.

by Greg Robertson on September 18th, 2018

MLS Aligned: Five Leading MLSs Launch a Single Platform to Solve Data Problems in the Real Estate Industry

We are proud to announce the launch of MLS Aligned, LLC, a new company created to address the data efficiency problems facing multiple listing services. Formed and owned by 5 of the most innovative MLS organizations, with more expected to join, MLS Aligned has developed and launched a functioning platform for tools and software that will solve many of the pain points currently experienced by brokers, real estate product vendors, and multiple listing services.

ARMLS (serving Arizona), MetroMLS (serving Wisconsin), MLSListings (serving Silicon Valley), RMLS (serving Oregon), and (serving Utah) came together with the idea to change how data is distributed and to offer a platform for their individually built products. The platform, which is operational and has been validated by a large national vendor, uses a proprietary method to manage and distribute data without needless replication.

They have set up a website at which includes a brief whitepaper. I have to say I’m intrigued, but still have lots of questions about this “sharing but not sharing” concept.

When you look at BrightMLS, MLS Grid, Front End of Choice, ARMLS-MetroMLS, and now MLS Aligned you can see a lot of innovation in the MLS space. But I also worry that in an industry that is already fragmented we might even further separating ourselves. That being said it good to see that many MLS Execs are not standing still. I think its important to get as many ideas out there and flesh them out. Looking forward to hearing more about MLS Aligned and these other initiatives at the CMLS Conference next week.

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  1. Congrats to Matt, Chris, Jim, Kurt & Brad for this magnificent feat! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Who is the “large national vendor”?

  3. Chris Carrillo permalink

    The answer to the question of “who is the large national vendor” is located in the press release. Cheers!

  4. Steve Byrd permalink

    Not seeing it in the press release Chris.
    Can you upload a revised press release, then point it out?

  5. @SteveByrd and @ChrisCarrillo I don’t see any direct reference to a national vendor in the press release (which you can see by clicking on the title of press release under the photo) but their white paper has a quote from’s Shaun York:

    “After participating in the t​echnical demo​ with the MLS Aligned leadership team it was c​learly apparent this is a well thought out initiative which will be a boon to the industry.​”

    I’m not sure what “participating in the technical demo” means but I think this is what MLS Aligned is referring to when they say, “validated by a large national vendor”

  6. Chris Carrillo permalink

    My mistake – visit the website and review the white paper.

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