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Listing Bits Episode 31: Keeping a Startup Mentality with Brian Tepfer of Rapattoni

by Greg Robertson on September 24th, 2018

How does a tech company maintain a startup mentality after nearly five decades in the real estate space? Rapattoni has held on to its spirit of independence since its inception, embracing change and demonstrating a pride of ownership that is rare in the tech industry.

Back from a summer hiatus I had a conversation with Brian Tepfer, Executive Vice President and CTO of Rapattoni, a 48-year-old startup that offers a suite of innovative software products and services designed specifically for real estate associations and MLSs. In his role, Brian is responsible for shaping the future vision of the company’s MLS and AMS software platforms and keeping Rapattoni’s products relevant and useful. He has been with Rapattoni since 2003, serving as Technical Operations Manager and Business Processes Manager before his 2014 promotion to the C-suite.

Today, Brian shares his background in computer science and business administration, explaining how he got his start in MLS tech support at Rapattoni. He describes the startup mentality at the company, its distinction as one of the first internet-based MLS systems, and Rapattoni’s decision to focus on the real estate vertical. Brian walks us through the latest developments in the organization, including the new Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS, recent updates to every piece of their MLS software, and Rapattoni’s drag-and-drop custom report writer. Listen in for Brian’s take on hot button industry issues like the front-end of choice model and the Upstream initiative—and learn how Rapattoni is working to provide one of the best MLS experiences in the rapidly changing real estate market.


What’s Discussed:

Brian’s background in computer science and business

Rapattoni’s function as an MLS and AMS software service

Brian’s initial role in MLS tech support with Rapattoni

Brian’s affinity for the startup mentality at Rapattoni

How pride of ownership inspires Rapattoni’s independent path

Why Rapattoni ultimately chose the real estate vertical

How the company dealt with the passing of Andy Rapattoni

The advantages of the new Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS

Rapattoni’s focus on updating every piece of its MLS software

How the custom report writer helps agents stand out

Brian’s belief in the front-end of choice model

-‘Makes everybody better’

-Requires separate listing input

Brian’s take on Upstream and its lack of cohesive messaging

Rapattoni’s intention to provide one of the top MLS experiences



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Connect with Brian Tepfer:


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