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Vendor Tech: Get off the floor!

It’s trade show season again, so that means many of us have been on the road. I still do a little booth duty now and then and thought I’d share something with everyone.

Does this look familiar?

Yup that dreaded rat’s nest of cables on the floor, just to the side of the table cloth at your 6 foot table. Sometimes your charging cables are too short to reach your phone on the table, and it just looks like shit.

But today I have the solution for you. The Accell Powramid! These bad boys are awesome for trade tables and regular conference tables.

Sure they take up a bit of table space, but no bending over, no rat’s nest of cables, they fit all types of power bricks and they come with 6 outlets and two USB charging ports. Love ’em.

You can buy them at Amazon, here’s the link. => Accell Powramid

Take my advice, order twice as many as you think you’ll need because once you start using them you are gonna to find other places to put them.

You’re welcome.

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