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GLVAR to stop syndicating listings to Zillow and other portals

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS notification email:

“The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) and its MLS knows that protection of MLS data is a priority for its members. While it has always been the individual brokerage’s decision as to syndicate its listing data and to which third party portals, GLVAR and the MLS played a role in facilitating syndication with a series of agreements with several third-party portals. After careful consideration and discussion, GLVAR and its MLS have decided to end that facilitation to all such portals. These agreements will end at the conclusion of each contractual term, with Zillow ending in January 2019 and ListHub in June 2019.

The idea behind this decision was that individual brokers here in Southern Nevada will now be able to decide where they send their individual listing data, and to what websites. Each individual brokerage will be free to negotiate agreements with the various third-party portals on their own or choose not to syndicate at all.”

There is also a video talking about how they came to the decision. I think the brokers should be careful what they wish for. I wonder if “syndication” is becoming a thing again……uggh!

  1. Its about time zillard was kicked right in the nutts! zillard/zillow has been
    sticking it to agents for years by selling back to them what
    is already theirs, the listing itself.

    zillard then takes over by offering a purchase directly to sellers. cutting
    off agents entirely by working against them. Placing sellers in a true
    for sale by owner position, that is not new but many of such sales end up in court rooms.

    zillard has infiltrated the Vegas MLS and it was their dream to own Realtor and stick it to agents for good by cutting them out of the negotiating position of the sale one way or the other.

    And how about all those solicitation calls to Realtors from zillard asking for our money to run adds in their network,, they want to charge us for our listings!!


  2. Vegas Realtor,
    As a real estate agent you are representing your client and not yourself.Home sellers and buyers are searching on Zillow if you like it or not and your issues with Zillwo, should not effect the exposure of those who gave you the listing and those who want to buy a home.With your comment your proved what many think on real estate agents.Many real estate agents who think like you only see their commission check and not the benefits of their clients. What a shame that NAR is still around and gave you the wrong education. Shame on you!

  3. If this is going to hinder or limit the way in which Zillow or Redfin or any other such app offers info to users;

    Buyers and Sellers will be harmed.

    Do you really think a home buyer wants to be limited to viewing homes that are specifically suggested directly through their agent? No, most buyers would rather look through the available properties in an app such as Zillow or Redfin and decide for themselves what they’re interested in. If that in some way makes an agent seem less important, that’s too bad. I hate to break it to you, but most buyers would rather limit their dealings with agents to the bare minimum. Apps such as Zillow help to connect the seller with the buyer more efficiently than ever before. If agents feel that’s a bad thing, then that’s quite sad. It’s about the buyer and seller, not the agent.

    Forward thinking agents will realize that apps such as Zillow or Redfin actually make their job easier. The buyer comes to the agent prepared and eager to look at a property they’ve already researched themselves. That’s a very good thing. Unless of course you’re an agent trying to PUSH a specific property to get a higher commission, etc.

    How is this good for buyers and sellers?

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