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SIBOR adds voice enabled search

Staten Island REALTORS® Select Voiceter Pro 
As Voice-Powered Home Listing Search Provider

“By saying “Alexa, Open Staten Island Real Estate” or “Hey Google, talk to Staten Island Real Estate,” consumers can have a conversation with their favorite personal assistant, who will guide them through their search of home listings.

Free to use, consumers can specify their desired location, price range, number of bedrooms and other information to find homes that meet their needs. Alexa and Google will verbally report the top three matches and consumers will receive an email with complete listing details for all results with links to the listings at siborrealtors.com.”

I’ve seen a few demos from Voiceter and they are impressive. I think the use cases for real estate are interesting. Search is a tough use case in my opinion. My thought would be for market updates/listing alerts. As in…”Hey Alexa, tell me about homes for sale in my neighborhood.” Then I could passively listen to listing details, almost like when I ask “Alexa, how is the weather today.”

Still, I wonder how far they have gone to incorporate the colloquialisms of Staten Island natives.

“Hey Alexa, find me a house that’s dope!”

“Hey Google, find me a new condo that’s banging”

  1. The real estate voice search thing seems rather gimmicky to me beyond what you mentioned for neighborhood market updates. So many little niche marketing services are pitched to agents to “take us to the next level”.

    I a tech lover but also a tech skeptic. Even Google caution their next-gen voice assistant tech is not ready for prime time. I think they did the demo of it this year at I/O. They admitted the demo was very controlled.

    There is lots of hype in voice tech, but the real world is very different. I have seen a number of friends fighting with Alexa to get commands right.

    So…… color me skeptical.

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