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T3 Sixty releases “scorecards” for real estate technology companies

Comprehensive scorecards for real estate tech companies

“The T3 Tech Scorecards consist of an independent, standardized survey of each company’s users, an analysis of the company’s products with a detailing of the pros and cons, a description of the ideal customer for each product and best practices for effective agent adoption. Additionally, an overall description of the product and the company is included as well as an actual scorecard grade.

According to Jack Miller, President and Chief Technology Officer of T3 Sixty, these are but the first four T3 Tech Scorecards and they will be followed by at least one new assessment every month “until we’ve reviewed and analyzed all meaningful quality technology offerings in the market that brokers and agents should consider.”

Here’s a link to a scorecard they did for BombBomb ====> BombBomb – Tech Satisfaction Report – Scorecard – August

Nice data viz on the results.

You can see more scorecards at http://t360.com/scorecards

  1. I like the idea of a CNET of sorts for real estate tech. I read through one of the reviews and it seems thorough and unvarnished. Better than the cursory fluff reviews you see on Inman News.

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