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RPR touts record engagement for 2018

Realtors Property Resource® Sees Record 2018 Engagement

As of December 31, 2018, engagement with RPR among NAR members soared to a record 14.7 million sessions—a notable 29.5 percent increase from 2017. Throughout 2018, Realtors® spent more than 100 million minutes researching properties and creating reports for consumers using the RPR platform. 

29% is impressive. Congrats to Jeff and his team.

  1. RPR has gotten a lot of shit in recent years. Mostly that has come as result of NAR’s piss poor management. The RPR data site is actually a very useful data source, albeit very underused. And of course, I believe it to be NAR’s fault for letting fly consistently under the radar.

    I think the RPR site is great Realtor resource. NAR needs to bring out front in a big way. Don’t keep it a secret. And for God’s sake, let agents have access to the RPR AVM widget for their personal sites. Right it is only available to broker sites. Sad because the agent are f***ing paying for it. I actually had an RPR rep tell me that it is technically not possible for agents to have the RPR AVM widget on their site. That guy had some f***ing balls let me tell you. That is a story for anyone looking to tell it.

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